About PlatePlus

For all kinds of great businesses, clubs and charities, PlatePlus brings a unique space to communicate. A quality number plate holder, with a generous space for your logo or badge, a full-length message strip and a more compact registration, its reach and impact is unlimited.

Number plate holders that communicate more

A logo or badge, a message strip and a number plate – all-in-one

Born of a long-held desire to fix all of the many weaknesses of existing number plate solutions, and make the most of an essential point of identification on the road, PlatePlus adds real punch to local or national marketing communication programmes – in full colour or black and white.

Helping to raise brand awareness, to demonstrate loyalty to a cause, to show passion and support, and a lot more besides, PlatePlus faithfully carries your message. Wherever and whenever it travels, to all points of the compass, morning, noon and night.

Conceived, designed and patented right here in the UK, the PlatePlus system is backed by comprehensive in-house creative, volume manufacturing and merchandising services. It’s a complete communication solution that’s tailored to you.

Advantages & benefits of PlatePlus

  • More space to communicate
  • Tailored, to the needs of your business, club or charity
  • Future proof, easily updated as communication programmes change
  • More visible, than other number plate solutions
  • Smarter, better looking than the alternatives
  • Protective, of both number plate and car body
  • Legal, meets all government guidelines on number plate display

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To discuss your specific PlatePlus requirements please call 01373 859 343 or email info@plateplus.co.uk. Because you’ll always be more than a number.

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